Jet Management that’s Simply Better . . . Better for You and Better for Your Plane

It’s your aircraft that’s at the core of the private jet management and charter business. Other management companies rely on planes like yours to profit handsomely by overcharging for storage, maintenance, insurance, charters and operations. At FlyHouse, those days are over.


We see owners as our partners and treat their aircraft as if they were our own. Competing management companies (1) don’t pass through costs, (2) dictate the pricing and terms of charter flights that aren’t necessarily transparent or aligned with owner interests, and (3) leave owners on the hook for charter revenue splits, even if they result in losses.

Consider this: management companies frequently receive rebates (for instance, from fuel costs) that are never refunded to—or even brought to the attention of—the owners who paid for the fuel in the first place. Of course, this lack of transparency would be easy to expose with just a quick look at vendor costs, but other management companies would never make those available to you. FlyHouse will.

That’s not all. Most private jet management and charter businesses are incentivized to overuse the aircraft in their fleets—your plane included—regardless of the long-term negative impact on those planes. But all owners know that running a jet too hot is a losing proposition in terms of maintenance and asset valuation. As owners ourselves, we’re fully aware of this misalignment.

At FlyHouse, we take an entirely different approach and manage your asset the way you want it managed.


Removing Profit From the Equation

FlyHouse is shaking up private aviation, in part by our pledge not to overcharge owners for the privilege of managing their aircraft.

At FlyHouse, we fundamentally believe that you should pay only the true cost of managing and flying your plane. It’s that conviction that forms the basis of our business model: you pay for your personal flying in a manner that covers the direct and indirect costs of jet management and flight operations. FlyHouse makes no profit from these payments, doesn’t charge a membership fee, and you can expect no additional fees, no surcharges, no premiums, and no add-ons.

To ensure FlyHouse is being true to this promise, we’ll provide you with annual audits, something no other management company has done or will do.

So, Where Do We Make Our Money?

It’s that simple.

Again, we don’t charge a management fee. Doing so would increase owner costs which, in turn, would require you to demand more for charters and limit your revenue. Instead, our economic model is entirely aligned with your interests—we make money when you do.

For their part, charterers still pay less and owners make more, because we’re maximizing the efficiencies and economics of private jet charters.

Charter Flights Reinvented

Because the FlyHouse model reduces owners’ operating costs, you make more money per charter.

At other management companies, owners are charged for everything, even their own flight time. Consequently, they’re left to offset these expenditures with increased charter rates. But at FlyHouse, lower operating costs mean owners like you are positioned to accept less for charters yet still realize higher margins—a win-win for owners and charterers alike.